Straight from the Pit

It’s what you’d encounter in Echo Park.

A solo venture to a place I visit regularly with no contacts in reach. I arrived to Lolipop Records to a crowd of people mingling and drinking amongst themselves. Feeling anxious with so many people around me that I didn’t know, I was hoping to encounter at least one friendly person to converse with. Luckily, I had a joint rolled and ready, so I sparked that shit. I was standing on the sidewalk close to everyone else, smoking with no shame. As I got dirty looks from frowning people, I noticed an old friend from middle school, Monique. She has always been a humble person with a kind spirit. She invited me to hang with her entourage of friends. So, I got acquainted with them and we killed that joint…I was now at ease. I noticed this cute girl with bangs that caught my attention. I was high as fuck but I still wanted to talk to her. I couldn’t just approach her because that’d be a total sleaze move, me trying to hit on a girl. She was with a group of friends, so I approached one them asking if anyone had a pipe to borrow (I had a secret stash in one of my film canisters). I kept my cool as I got to know them. As I was conversing with one of the dudes in her group (Duke, was his name.), she approached us. She was cuter up close, her name was Hailey, we had a discussion about Mac DeMarco, and that was it because I didn’t have the balls to ask for her number. It was cool though because I ended up running into my fresita Linda whom I always gossip with. Also, I met two reformed crusties that were really nice to me.

Echo Park Rising Night 2


Los Angeles, CA

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