Straight from the Pit

D E S E R T   D A Z E

Mecca, CA


~*we belong together*~

blood orange

great american music hall

san francisco


what name would one use to credit your photography?thanks!

girlsoffyf. Thank you ! (:

Hey Girlsoffyf, sorry for being a ghost in the last couple months, it's amazing how time can go past when your not really paying any attention, especially during the winter in Canada, all the days seem to merge together like tiny snowflakes into a giant snowman/snowlady. Also, I'm genuinely jealous of all the cool shows/people wearing t-shirts/pictures you been taking lately. Anyway, I was wondering what kinda Camera/Lens you've using and if you develop your own black'n'white. Take care!

Hey man ! How’s it going ?
It’s funny that you say that because I’m jealous of your night shots, they’re gorgeous. I’m currently using a Nikon L35 Auto Focus (got it at a yard sale - it’s perfect for shows) and I develop my film at school. I just got a 28mm fixed lens for my Canon SLR and I’m dying to use it !! If you ever need anything (whether it be a print, shirt, film, or if you’re in the LA area) hit me up. Thank you for your remarks and take care.

Double Death on the Floor w/ Coachwhips

The Smell

Los Angeles, CA


Valentine’s Day w/ Touche Amore

Ukrainian Cultural Center

Los Angeles, CA


Super Bowl Sunday w/ Ty Segall

Permanent Records

Eagle Rock, CA


Saddentine’s Day w/ Cutty Flam

Katz Alley

Redlands, CA


Old Towne Pub Pasadena, CA


Old Towne Pub
Pasadena, CA


Barn Rock w/ Criminal Hygiene

The Echo

Echo Park, CA